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TL-180: the initials of the designers Tine and Luisa, paired with the measurement of their height.

This is the origin of the name TL-180, a contemporary brand of bags and accessories that translates the concept of timeless style into the essential balance between design, quality and versatility.

Tine is French. Luisa is Italian. Both passionate globe-trotters by nature, they met in Rome and immediately sensed a closeness, one that brought them together both in their managerial vision and in the aesthetic sensibility of their project, inextricably tied to the Made in Italy value.

In 2011 they moved to Paris and officially launched TL-180, detaching themselves from the restricting expectations of fashion to introduce a product with a unique identity, sophisticated but nonchalant, that mirrors their way of thinking and understanding everyday elegance without ever giving up on artisanal savoir-faire.

A collection of bags in which modern luxury finds the perfect measure of both careful attention and accessibility and image and function, resulting in the unique and often unconventional lines that are sophisticatedly urban, destined to last over time and to accompany every look, in the city and on the road, at work and while relaxing, from morning to night.

The attention to materials. The always distinctive shapes, whether minimal or more elaborate. The artful taste of the hand-painted decorations, that change from season to season drawing on ever-new cinematic inspirations.

In truth, the initial spark was kindled by an exhibition from the artist Anselm Kiefer.

Tine and Luisa were struck, and they let loose their creativity, deciding to experiment with colors on a simple canvas that they folded, shaped and handsewed, giving life to their first summer pochette.

From this first exemplar was born the idea for developing a complete collection, for both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, with women’s styles and unisex offerings, created departing from cult films like “Time for Loving,” the comic drama “Paper Moon,” the Japanese film “An Actor’s Revenge” and David Lynch’s thriller “Wild at Heart.”

The world of cinema became a device, a mood, an evocative and often ironic reference transferred by the hands of the artisans onto various leathers, enhancing the line with the iconic drum-shape and shoulder strap, here and there reinterpreted with captivating graphics and patterns, and with everything from theatrical masks to a smoking moon, from a life-jacket outline to a gold plate with a heart etched in relief.

The desire for new synergies and creative influences further pushed the two designers to collaborate with the artist Langley Fox Hemingway, who imagined colorful underwater creatures on the drum. It encouraged them to develop special limited editions for important boutiques like Club Monaco and Maria Luisa. It led them to participate in the Limited/Unlimited exhibition, during Rome’s AltaModa, to which Tine and Luisa dedicated two exclusive pieces, respectively characterized by mosaic embellishment and copper weaving.

TL-180 uses the softest leathers, with precious exotic textures, printed surfaces and velvety suede. The special finishings, the chromatic pairings, and the deep, saturated dyes exalt the quality of each material, smooth or textured, glossy or matte, monochromatic or personalised by the designers’ flights of imagination.

Formal integrity and eclecticism meet in a project that focuses on the perfect shape for every woman, marrying femininity with a desire for playfulness, refinement with mischief, the finest quality with the spirit of glamour.

Turning to the most authentic protagonists of the current moment, who, like Tine and Luisa, are impossible to categorize: independent, dynamic, curious and authors of their own style.