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Born in 1987, Tbilisi, Georgia. Graduated from College of Fashion, Tbilisi, Georgia. Studied bachelor of Fashion Design at Tbilisi Academy of Arts. Is one of the winners of Be Next Fashion Designer Contest 2013.Worked at Fashion House “Maqmani” as an assistant designer for 3 years. Currently works at Fashion House Materia as a designer for its premium line MATÉRIEL. Her personal collections are sold at Made In Georgia store.


Fashion House MATERIA is one of the oldest apparel manufacturer and fashion retailer having roots from 1949 year when first Georgian fashion house was founded. Since then, generation of young and talented Georgian managers and designers facilitated the evolution of the Fashion House by constantly creating new and innovative collections for domestic and foreign customers. Through its history the company has grew to become the business it is today reaching many significant milestones along its journey. In 2003 Fashion House supplemented its brand by adding name-tag MATERIA, hence igniting a new essence in already well-established trademark. Formulated collections were marketed and presented around ex-Soviet and European catwalks. Today Fashion House runs three core business lines: premium brand MATÉRIEL, contemporary brand DOTS , uniforms and professional apparel brand MATERIA. By creating a venue for artistic self-expression, MATERIEL helped the advancement of the Georgian fashion scene and aided the cultivation of talented Georgian designers who previously lacked the domain of artistic particularization. Our priority is our own production factory based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Brand-new factory with comprehensive infrastructure, stunning design is under development and will be accomplished by summer 2016. Factory is equipped with contemporary manufacturing technology, high production capabilities and experienced labor force. Having no need for outsourcing, we produce everything in-house and each and every item is Made in Georgia. Currently MATÉRIEL embraces four Georgian designers Lika Chitaia, Tiko Paksashvili, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili and Lado Bokuchava, who create their seasonal and mini collections for the brand. Apart from this MATÉRIEL collaborates with other Georgian brands/designers between seasons. Materiel has constant international and domestic recognition by being part of various fashion events and by receiving positive write up’s from globally renowned fashion magazines. Our designers seasonal and mini collections are presented at MATÉRIEL Tbilisi showroom and store. Also, we run worldwide online-shopping platform