Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi




The system of life works blind, the flower does not choose where to sproute.

We are about celebrating and protecting flowers growing from the cracked concrete.

The clothing you wear is a temple of yours. The life you live is nothing but a dance.

Our warriors are dancing on the edge of fiction. Channeling the waves.

LTFR – stands for – let the funk ride, funk as a slang term representing The style, your inner ch’i. Chief rocka once said

“They don’t understand how i feel about the funk
I walk with the funk, i talk with the funk
I eat with the funk, i sleep with the funk
I live for the funk, i’ll die for the funk”

Philosopher named allan watts once had a discussion with a great master in japan… And they were talking about the various people who are working to translate the zen books into english, and he said “that’s a waste of time, if you really understand zen…You can use any book. You could use the bible.You could use alice in wonderland.You could use the dictionary, because…The sound of the rain needs no translation.

So funk is the zen for this streets and ghettos, a dance on the edge, with a style of flowers blooming trough the concrete cracks.