Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi




Gvantsa Janashia is a Georgian fashion designer and founder of concept store FLABOUR GEORGIAN DESIGNERS. At the early age of 18, she moved to Paris to study fashion. She attended the Paris American Academy and studied fashion design and styling. Long-time experience and thorough knowledge in fashion led her to found own label under the name JANASHIA. From January 2015, Janashia started promoting and exporting her collections abroad.


Janashia is a successfully operating brand on the local, as well as world fashion markets. Considering the demand on the brand’s clothing, the creative group decided to launch an e-shop and thus make purchasing of Janashia items available from any part of the world. Janashia not only depicts fashion, the brand defines and gives it cultural resonance and meaning. Janashia epitomizes the values of freedom and the values of beauty, and then combines them and creates unforgettable style. The designs are full of soft, natural colors. Shades and tones melt into subtle hazes. Shapes and patterns are always trendy, elegant and new. The end result is a breathtaking style.