Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi



God Era is a Tbilsi-based fashion brand founded in 2019. God Era is founded by fashion designer and visual artist Nino Goderidze. Nino Goderidze is a part of the Georgian queer art platform “Fungus” Nino is an active supporter of sustainable and ethical fashion. Their current activity also involves the work on the creation of biodegradable vegan leather. Their works are imbued with a transhuman and cyberfeminism narrative. Their major area of interest is the research of Georgian queer culture and ecofeminism. Godera presented the collection “Digital Ark” on MBFW Tbilisi F/W 2021.

In the collection “Arachne”, Godera returns from the cyborg experience to the memories of her childhood, and her grandmother. In urban brutalist architecture, she looks for forms and colors that remind her of her grandmother and her handicraft. Together with the high technologies in her collection, Godera uses items handcrafted by different women, which are traditionally part of their domestic activities. In Godera’s collection, they will be presented as works of art. In the era of globalization, when a human is already posthuman in his thinking, the knowledge and caring practices that women have passed on to each other over the centuries are lost because they have yet to be preserved in an academic, patriarchal vacuum. Godera’s collection is an attempt to keep this knowledge and care practices.