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George Shaghashvili is a Georgian designer currently living and working Kenya, Nairobi, however, with a studio and brand store in Tbilisi. Though, originally educated as a Medical doctor in preventive medicine, George Shaghashvili decided to pursue a formal education Fashion Design. In 2008 and 2010 respectively, he obtained his Bachelor and M.A. degrees, both with highest distinction from the fashion Design Department.

Since 2009, George Shaghashvili has partaken in several showrooms and trade fairs in both Denmark and Georgia, and his collections have been sold in both: Denmark, Kazakhstan, Russia and Georgia. In 2009, George Shaghashvili registered his own company in Denmark. Since 2010, George Shaghashvili has held two annual fashion shows in Tbilisi, Georgia, which has put him on the map of being one of the most distinctive contemporary Georgian Fashion Designers.

2013 was George Shaghashvili Flag Store opening in Tbilisi.

2014 and 2015, George Shaghashvili acted as main curator for a Georgian exhibition during the international Fashion Showcase (IFS) organized by the British Council in partnership with Arts Council held in parallel of the London Fashion Week. The exhibition was commissioned by the Tbilisi State Academy of Art.  George Shaghashvili regularly partakes in fashion events as curator, judge and commentator. Occasionally, George Shaghashvili lectures at the State Academy of Art, Tbilisi, Georgia as visiting professor.

From 2015 until now George Shaghashvili is an invited professor at Georgian American University – GAU for certified course of Fashion History and Modern Trends.

About The Brand And Collection

Many items In George Shaghashvili collections go through a transformation with zips, buttons and the textile itself. The clothes changes form as well as it changes function.  Because of the multi-functional character where you can use the items at many different occasions and in many variations, the customer will be part of the design process by playing with the forms and personal style variations.

Apart from the functional dualism of all costumes, George Shaghashvili uses many elements of optical illusion. To balance the multi-functionalism and the many decorative details. The collection is for utilization. Similar, to Balance the multi functionalism, a monochromatic color spectrum is used where only black, white and different shades of grey with a very seldom visit of faded green or blue.

Materials are cotton, half-cotton, silk, wool, broadcloth, sateen, hand and factory made knitted, natural leather and fur.