Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi



Blikvanger, a brand that brings to peace different styles from Grunge to classic aims to reflect unique and eclectic nature of people. It seeks to unravel the multidimensional personality and diverse temper. This is exactly what the concept and the meaning of the brand is about – The BLIKVANGER or THE EYE CATCHER. Blikvanger is to dare, have fun, be fun, be confidently cool, be risky, enjoy life! Blikvanger is inspired by everything it is surrounded by: people, nature, art, colors, architecture, sounds… And this is just one angle its collections are based on! Work inspired by life!

Anna Odishelidze

Upon completing the three years course in architecture at the Technical University, designer Anna Odishelidze enrolled the faculty of clothes design at the State Academy of Arts in Tbilisi. Being one of the best students she received fellowship from the Ministry of Culture of Georgia and got the possibility to follow the workshop in Florence. Anna also undertook the long term Fashion Marketing Course organized by KAP Business Laboratory. Anna Odishelidze has been participating in different fashion contests, including: • Be Next International Fashion Design Contest, organized by Sofia Tchkonia where she got awarded as one of the winners and gained the scholarship for Milan Domus Academy; • Milan International Fashion contest UTOPIA; • Ukraine International Fashion contest, where she was awarded with the second place;

Ani Tsintkiladze

Ani tsintskiladze graduated from Tbilisi Academy of Arts, majoring in graphic design. After graduation. In 2015 she took a part in a Be Next international fashion design contest organized by Sofia Tchkonia during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Tbilisi, Georgia and she took first place. As a reward she gained 100% waiver of tuition fee at Haute Future Fashion Academy Milan,IItaly – Master in “art direction for fashion design and haute couture “. She is one of those people, who believe that by trying hard and working non-stop the luck will reward you. Art and fashion combined together, is what she is interested in and what she loves. Actually, observing fashion is her hobby; the way it changes in different aspects and accordingly, influences such things as the manner of speaking, hairstyles, places where people gather, dances, books and movies. Everything has its own fashion.