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Berhasm is a cult fashion collective based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Designer Beso Turazashvili founded Berhasm as a side project, creating a small line of T-shirts and hoodies for close friends to wear in the clubs.

Over the past years, Berhasm has developed into a full clothing line for men, women and everyone else which included footwear and accessories. From items with thoughtful prints to 3d artworks and installations, the brand is able to use creativity of different artists and make their voice heard.

At its core, Berhasm is about freedom – the freedom to explore your identity, to pursue your passions, and to bring a piece of your own uniqueness into the world.

Working with numerous European artists, photographers, parties, influencers and charities, Berhasm creates its own unique aesthetic and also opens up the possibility to speak loudly about things that really matter.

Berhasm community sees its mission in raising awareness by highlighting relevant social issues.

Through its collaborations with NGOs, charities, and other organizations, Berhasm has become a true symbol of self-expression and freedom. In 2019 Dazed magazine called Berhasm “a cult fashion collective” for activity in covering cultural, political and social issues through collections and campaigns.

One of the significant collaborations for the brand was the joint campaign with the Women’s Violence Prevention Fund. This type of work is aiming to create a sense of connection between people and make a real difference.

Realizing its responsibility not only to society, but also to the planet, Berhasm is committed to reduce its impact on the environment. The brand uses sustainable materials and processes in clothing manufacturing, as well as makes partnerships only with ethical suppliers.

When creating collections, Berhasm team carefully selects all materials and production suppliers. Each of them has the relevant certificates, such as Global Organic Textile Standard and Global Recycled Standard, which ensures that each product is made in accordance with ethical and environmentally friendly standards.

Berhasm also takes part in expanding the capabilities of local communities, collaborating with local production facilities. This step not only positively affects the development of local manufactures, but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint due to the reduction of the logistics chain. Moreover, using quality and durable materials, Berhasm creates clothing with a longer service life. By doing all this, the brand creates its own atmosphere that is beneficial to everyone involved.

The brand showcased its first collection in Paris in 2019 and has been a regular presence at Paris Fashion Week since then. The brand’s collections are consistently released four times a year, and its clothing is worn in more than 30 countries around the world.