Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi



About the brand

Georgian Fashion label, founded in 2012 by its creative Director Nino Babukhadia, is an influential and progressive label, being focused on the quality, paying great attention to details, reinforcing its strong identity by signature pieces and the pinnacles of the collection, the brand’s outerwear.

Merging the post soviet past with contemporary concepts and present day, is the starting point for the designer, creating feminine vibes with the touch of masculinity, shaping the identity for the strong, inde- pendent and desirable female.

Gaining the recognition mostly during MBFW, Babu- khadia has been featured in many significant interna- tional press pieces and has been expanding its stock- ists list, consisting of stores such as Farfetch, More is Love, Index Flat, Studio Venti e Sei, and many more.