Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi


Djaba Diassamidze, the eponym designer of the House, lives and works in Paris. The 28   year old designer brings his new Automne/Hiver collection to Tbilisi, his native town, to be shown at the same space which hosted his very first collection, at the age of sixteen.

The female universe fascinated Djaba Diassamidze, becoming an endless source of inspiration for his creations.

A tribute to the most modern women, those who were able and wanted to emancipate themselves, declaring their own freedom and asserting their own individuality. Strong personalities, capable of expressing a strong temperament, leaving his creations, and references to the history of costume are apparent. The world of ballet, a stage where the body is free to gracefully pirouette could not fail to fascinate Djaba Diassamidze. Yet, also evident are his ties to the world of artists and art, from poetry to painting, from theater to film. Since the beginning of his precautious career at the age of sixteen, from the debut of the presentation of his first collection, the Franco-Georgian designer has made beauty and commitment his guidelines, evoking an atmosphere of rare poetry. Precious fabrics, fluid silks, and noble velvet slip over soft silhouette, or envelope the body in capes that convey an aura of mystery. Crowns of feathers frame the necklines and arms of hieratic muses, and fine embroideries enrich the models created by the passionate work of skilled artisan hands. In the heart of his collection sensitivity enters delicately into the individuality of each woman, knowing how to seize all her desires.

Djaba Diassamidze’s recent collection looks forward a solemn luxury with a captivated eye transporting us to the Russian imperial court to pay homage to the Romanovs in the memory of their last dance narrating a tale of beauty and harmony as only he is capable of doing.

The current presentation as a ball is dedicated to:

The last Russian Imperial Family

Soliko Virsaladze

Rudolf Noureev