Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi


 B E V Z A


The fragility and vulnerability of post-Soviet society emerged in protest against tradition and heredity. After several decades of research and spiritual anarchy people are returning to their roots. The sublimation of sources of the past gives birth to the concept of the “new” femininity – fragile and masculine at the same time.
In the protest against the war Millennials find a way out of its energy in the underground culture, in the spirit of Berlin. Peeling porches and garages (photo prints), retro bodices, abundance of roses – all details of the collection “Heritage” point out the fact that a person under social pressure is seeking to escape, turning to his ancestors.


Designer print: photos walls of old buildings in Kiev

Accessories : retro bags reticules, handbags “kegs”, clips and rings “roses”

Visuals: The documentary film “Man with a Movie Camera” by Dziga Vertov

Soundtrack: compilation of works of Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and other composers